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Cookies are small pieces of information that are placed your computer, smartphone or tablet when you visit an Intrax website. A cookie usually consists of a name, some short information value, the name of the website that left the cookie, and how long the cookie should stay active. Most modern websites make extensive use of cookies. Uses of cookies on the Intrax Websites are categorized as follows:

Cookie Type Purpose Content
Necessary Essential to basic operation of the Intrax websites. Necessary cookies do not explicitly identify you as an individual, but they may link your browser session to a user identity. Without these cookies, major website functionality will be unavailable to you.
Performance Help us understand how you interact with our web pages and what we can do to improve that experience. Performance cookies do not identify you as an individual. Most such data collected is quickly aggregated, further obscuring any session context.
Functionality Allow our websites to remember choices you make and therefore provide you with a more personalized experience or enable rich content features like video, blog posting. Functionality cookies may include personally identifiable information, such as your username. This information is only accessible to Intrax systems and is not shared with third-parties.
Without these cookies, website performance and/or functionality may be affected.
Targeting / Advertising Used to deliver content that is more relevant to you and your interests. They benefit you when we are able to provide offers that are more in tune with your interests. They benefit us by allowing us to communicate more meaningfully with you. Targeting cookies frequently utilize IP address schemes and therefore may associate you with personal information you have explicitly or implicitly provided.
Without these cookies, our ability to respond to your personal interests may be reduced.

The following page identifies common cookies used across Intrax websites. While we will update this list from time to time, the actual cookies used at any given point in time, or for any one user’s browsing session may not map exactly to what is described below.

Performance Cookies

Purpose: Provides anonymous or aggregated information about where you go and what you do on Intrax websites.

Duration: These cookies are persistent for the user’s browser session.

Details: Intrax may use the following Analytics Cookies and Web Beacons:

  1. Google Analytics. For more information about Google Analytics click here
  2. Web Trends. For more information about Web Trends click here
  3. YouTube Tracking. For more information about YouTube click here
  4. Wordpress Stats. For more information about Wordpress Stats click here
  5. LivePerson. For more information about LivePerson click here
  6. Qualaroo. For more information about Qualaroo click here
  7. ClickTale. For more information about ClickTale click here

Functionality Cookies

Purpose: Provides a mechanism for you to share comments, ratings pages, bookmarks, etc.; and they help to improve the user experience in accessing and using online tools, social media networks, etc.

Duration: These cookies are persistent for the user’s browser session.

Details: Intrax may use the following Analytics Cookies and Web Beacons:

  1. Add This. For more information about Add click here
  2. Facebook. For more information about Facebook click here
  3. Twitter. For more information about Twitter click here
  4. YouTube. For more information about YouTube click here
  5. LinkedIn. For more information about LinkedIn click here

Targeting / Advertising Cookies

Purpose: Provides a cross-site tracking mechanism that provides Intrax with information about the pages you visit.

Duration: These cookies are persistent for the user’s browser session.

Details: Intrax may use the following Analytics Cookies and Web Beacons:

  1. For more information about click here
  2. DoubleClick. For more information about DoubleClick click here
  3. Adroll. For more information about Adroll click here
  4. Quantcast. For more information about Quantcast click here

How to manage cookies through your browser settings

All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. To understand and change these settings, the following links may be helpful.

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